Choose Your Program!

Serving Ages 4 and up, we have a martial arts program for you!  Programs are broken up by age group, skill level, and interests.

Little Lions
(Age 4-6)

In our Little Lions program, students develop personal courage, and self-confidence in a fun atmosphere as they learn age-appropriate martial arts actvities.

Children's Programs
(ages 7-11)

In our Children’s Program, students practice goal setting (and achieving) as they develop their skills and personal goals.

Warrior Scholars
(ages 12-17)

Our Warrior Scholars develop their self defense skills in Olympic Style Taekwondo while exercising physical/mental discipline and perseverance in academics, training and competition.

Family Martial Arts

Family time is irreplaceable. Our parents have moved out of the spectator role and into the participant role with their children in our Family Taekwondo program. After all, the family that kicks together, sticks together!

Adult Taekwondo

Our Adult martial arts program is perfect for busy adults looking to develop their fitness, self-defense skills, and personal confidence for success on the job and in life.

Taekwondo is more thanthe World's Most Popular Martial Art!

It is a tool for character education, physical and emotional health, community development and cultural awareness.

Meet Our Coaches & Instructors

Each of our Black Belt instructors are Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters certified DAN holders.

Coach Matt Lightfoot

Kukkiwon Certiifed Instructor

Why Study Martial Arts?

Develop Self Control

Boost Self Confidence

Master Practical Self Defense

Enhance Physical Fitness

Foster an Indomitable Spirit!

Improve School Grades

Learn Self-Discipline

Improve Teamwork

Achieve Elite Performance

Our Mission

We exist to develop students into black-belt servant leaders: lifelong learners skilled in the way of the martial arts and masters of courageous action, compassionate service, and personal character.

Our Vision

To unleash masters of courageous action, compassionate service, and personal character into every industry in the State of Florida.

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