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Curved Punching Mitt


The Curved Punching MItt is made with an Advanced Foam Core (AFC), which provides superior comfort for the wearer and increased impact absorption for the striker. The curved shape of the striking surface on the mitt makes it ideal for catching punches and elbow strikes. Although the mitt is easy to put on and remove, it includes a build-in grip ball and individual finger channels, which make it easy for the wearer to maintain a secure grip. Mesh stripes along the back of the mitt help provide ventilation for the wearer’s hands to keep them cool and comfortable, and help the mitt dry out more thoroughly when not in use. Sold individually.

Double Paddle Kicking Target


Hear the ‘clap’ with every strike of the Double Paddle Target, perfect for practicing kicks and punches. This double target is composed of long-lasting polyurethane and soft foam padding for impact absorption. Features an easy grip contoured handle along with a wrist strap to ensure target control.